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Industrial hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant that has been adapted and is grown specifically for industrial use. Along with bamboo, it is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. A single hemp plant often reaches 3m tall in little over 100 days and has a variety of uses including building and insulation materials, paper, rope, clothing, textiles, biodegradable plastics, paint, biofuel, food, and animal feed. 

With excellent growing conditions in North East Victoria, and an abundance of under utilised farm land, North East Hemp is revolutionising the way farming is conducted in the region!


But Why Hemp?

Here's what you need to know...

 Industrial Hemp is vastly different from its well known relative cannabis, even though they both have the same genesis, industrial hemp contains virtually no THC (approx 0.03%), which is the psychoactive component in medicinal cannabis. 

Before prohibition days, hemp was used for many commercial and industrial purposes. Rope, paper, clothing, and insulation were among the most common. We have started to see its reemergence in beauty and skincare products as well as seeing many peer reviewed studies about the health benefits of hemp seed and hemp oil consumption.

 Hemp is very quickly gaining popularity around the world because of its positive effects on the environment. Some environmental benefits of growing industrial hemp include the suppression of weed growth, anti-erosion, reclamation properties, and the ability to drain soil from poisonous substances and heavy metals. Hemp is a carbon negative commodity, meaning it absorbs more CO2 from than the atmosphere than it produces, ultimately improving air quality and thermal balance.

Hemp’s properties allow mould resistance, and its porous materiality makes the building materials made of it breathable. In addition hemp possesses the ability to absorb and release moisture without deteriorating.

Hemp is fire resistant when mixed with lime, an invaluable characteristic for building materials in fire zones like the North East.

Hemp can be used as a "mop crop" to clear impurities out of soil and wastewater, such as sewage effluent, excessive phosphorus from chicken litter, or other unwanted substances or chemicals. To demonstrate its purification properties, hemp is currently being used at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site, by way of a process which is known as phytoremediation—the process of clearing radioisotopes and a variety of other toxins from the soil, water, and air.

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